Bort is a wall jumping platform game which will initially be created for PC. Release on other platforms is also planned.

The player takes control of Bort, the demon god of mountain goats. He is bored of working in hell and decides to leave. Trouble is "The Boss", doesn't like his minions wandering off.
So Bort will have to try and get out undetected. Avoiding traps, lava pits, Fuggers, Furies, the 7 sins, the "machines" and many other horrible nasties that lurk in the deep places of Hell.

Thursday, 15 December 2011

Updated Level (Blue palette)

New version of the colour palette.

Also added skeletons and bats!


  1. That movie was more than enough to start following your progress. It's amazing!

    Keep it going :D

  2. looks a lot better than the first rendering.