Bort is a wall jumping platform game which will initially be created for PC. Release on other platforms is also planned.

The player takes control of Bort, the demon god of mountain goats. He is bored of working in hell and decides to leave. Trouble is "The Boss", doesn't like his minions wandering off.
So Bort will have to try and get out undetected. Avoiding traps, lava pits, Fuggers, Furies, the 7 sins, the "machines" and many other horrible nasties that lurk in the deep places of Hell.

Thursday, 15 December 2011

Wednesday, 14 December 2011

Animatic update

Did another animatic. Test run of a level created in maya on 2D planes with alpha'd textures. Also test idle animation on Bort.

The red lava looks a little orange due to compression

Watch in HD 1080p, full screen.! 
Also video may look a little dark. I'm breaking in a new monitor. If it is looking dark please let me know in comments here or on youtube. Thanks.

Sunday, 11 December 2011

Vectorised Level

This is one of the concept levels vectorised to the new art style.

This version without DOF and lava heat haze.

This version with DOF and heat haze.

And this is roughly the size I think the levels will be cropped on screen (res 1024x768)

Bort prototype

This is the first prototype of Bort's jumping mechanic.

The large cirles represents Bort's torso and the small cirles represent his hands.

The level geometry is created randomly in code.

Movement controlled with XBox analog controller only. The player jumps by pulling back in the opposite direction that they want to go and release the stick. This is like a catapult mechanic.